Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sometimes People Suck, Part 2

I wonder sometimes if I'm just too damaged for relationships.

I guess I could make the argument that I'm talking about all interpersonal relationships, but there's definitely something different--something MORE--about romantic relationships.

I'm stubborn, argumentative, and quick-tempered.  All my life, people have told me how "difficult" I am.  After awhile, such descriptors stick to you, to the way you see yourself.

I know happy relationships exist.  I've seen them.  But I wonder sometimes if that's even possible for me.  Maybe I'm just too broken, too unwilling to compromise, too unable to change.

Or maybe I don't trust enough, won't let anyone close enough to my heart.  And why should I bother?  When I do, I get hurt.

I don't know if people are worth it.  I don't know if relationships are worth it.  For whatever momentary happiness they bring into your life, they seem to be accompanied by so much pain and aggrivation.

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Anonymous said...

You're not difficult at me!